First Distinguish Speaker Compressed


The first Distinguish Speaker at the conference is Dr. Mohamed Ghoneim, and this is a brief description of his work and the awards he received in his honorable professional history:

  • Mohamed Ahmed Ghoneim is a full-time professor of Urology at Mansoura University, Egypt. He received a certificate from the Educational Committee of Foreign Medical School Graduates from London (E.C.F.M.G) in 1972. He also received an honorary doctorate degree in medicine from the Swedish University of Gothenburg in 1988.


Dr. Ghoneim worked in/as:

- Department of General Surgery and Urology at South Mead Hospital, Bristol, England.
- Clinical Fellow in Urology at the Memorial-Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York.
- Research Fellow at the Urodynamic Laboratory of the Department of Urology at the Sherbrook University Medical Center in Quebec, Canada.


Dr. Ghoneim received many awards, including:

- Felix Fuyon medal of the International Society of Urology.
-Arab Pioneers Award from Arab Thought Organization.
- Harry Spence medal of the American Association of Urologists.
-Mubarak Scientific Award.
-National Arab American Medical Association: NAAMA Award.
- Saint-Pau Medal of the British Urology Association.
- Dr. Fakhry’s Award for Outstanding Research in Surgical Sciences.


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