ZCEBS aims at the convocation of research-oriented individuals from various Egyptian communities (Undergraduates- graduates - Post docs – Industrialists) to gain diligent experience in scientific research progress.

Furthermore, the conference program will include communicable presentations in the context of oral and poster presentations as well as interactive discussions in the form of journal clubs and on-going debates that is concerned with the latest advances and breakthroughs in biomedical sciences.

In addition, this convention is considered a step towards supporting collaborative endeavors among other biomedical institutions in an attempt to encourage the unification of the biomedical Egyptian community .We are looking forward to establish the basis of this convention as the cornerstone to promote the development and sustainability of biomedical research in Egypt.

Chairman Statement

Humanity has come really far along the way of recognizing that scientific research is the only bridge to a brighter future. The overwhelmingly hopeful aspects of this recognition motivated the great founder of this project: Dr. Ahmed Zewail to establish a new lighthouse on the land of the cradle of civilization.

In his vision, our great founder believed in the, willingness, and non-turbid creativity of this country's youth. He and the founders of this project designed a process where learning of research is a fun-practical experimental process, trying to move from memorizing to brainstorming, from completing examinations to feedback learning, from knowledge transfer to knowledge creation, and from competitive learning to collaborative learning.

The objective of this gathering is to strengthen these values through outreaching to the communities of Egyptian graduate and undergraduate students. The mission of this conference is to impart research skills to the beginners and help improve their understanding of the scientific method in general. Through interactive discussions and engagements, students and researchers are expected to foster collaborative efforts and initiate joint projects.

I am confident that today's event and similar activities will create avenues that will undoubtedly promote biomedical research and will eventually help creating new generations of devoted Egyptian researchers.

On behalf of Zewail City students, faculty and staff, I warmly welcome all of you to the first National Conference of Biomedical Science.

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